Is Diversity a novelty in advertising?

March was Women’s History Month, and we saw a host of articles and stories celebrating the countless accomplishments of women throughout history (well, the clue is in the name). Of course the advertising business jumped in feet first and came up with all kinds of creative and clever ways to mark the occasion. Major brands […]

Poor, misunderstood Marketing

There’s a scene in the film “Devil Wears Prada” where our plucky protagonist Andy is cut down to size by the head of Runway Magazine Amanda Priestly. The item in question is a hideous-looking bargain-store sweater, and the ribbing goes like this: “You think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your closet […]

You’re using “disruption” wrong!

One of the most overused terms in today’s technologically advanced office is “disruptive innovation.” It is supposed to define something that fundamentally displaces an earlier technology. The problem is that most companies claiming to offer disruptive technology are not being disruptive or innovative. Have you ever walked into a meeting and told those gathered that everything they’re doing is […]

Trying to please everyone (or just your investors)?

We’re in the process of rebranding our business and messaging. For anyone who has had to do it before, you’ll understand. For those who have not, I would suggest that you, at the very least, go through the exercise. The reason is simple: it allows you to consider what your messaging, focus, and core principles […]

Why Apple’s branding has duped you (but you shouldn’t be so so mad)

People have been getting upset about Apple, their products, and their branding since the Steves started that little company. This time it revolves around the so-called Apple Watch (not intentionally a pun, BTW). Many of my timepiece-collecting friends are up-in-arms about the $10,000 price tag of the luxury model. “Seriously? Are you going to hand it down […]

Rebranding as a gimmick?

Recently the company I work for had to go through a rebranding exercise. Apparently a major chemical manufacturer took exception at our company logo and its colour, which bore a faint similarity to their own (if you were colour blind, imho). The icon was not similar in any way, mind you. Nor do we compete […]