You’re using “disruption” wrong!

One of the most overused terms in today’s technologically advanced office is “disruptive innovation.” It is supposed to define something that fundamentally displaces an earlier technology. The problem is that most companies claiming to offer disruptive technology are not being disruptive or innovative. Have you ever walked into a meeting and told those gathered that everything they’re doing is […]

New Media isn’t all that “new”

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Nothing in Marketing & Communications has changed in centuries and more. Back in January of 2013, the New York Times published an article by Stephen Baker on engaging Social Media for effective marketing and advertising. He used the image of Don Draper of Mad Men as the “old […]

Innovation vs Marketing

Charles Gaudet writes an excellent post on Forbes this morning about Innovation versus Marketing. That’s right: versus. Why does it seem that the two sides are in opposition all the time? It’s like the rift between advertising and PR – or the Hatfields and McCoys. What good is a marketing plan if you have nothing new to sell? And what good […]

Does innovation really matter?

I saw a commercial the other night for a car company. I’ve since forgotten what brand it was for (not strong on the messaging, then, eh), but the memorable scene was a person take a flame thrower to a wall filled with images of car interiors. The take-away: if you want a unique car interior, […]