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Innovation vs Marketing

Charles Gaudet writes an excellent post on Forbes this morning about Innovation versus Marketing.
That’s right: versus. Why does it seem that the two sides are in opposition all the time? It’s like the rift between advertising and PR – or the Hatfields and McCoys.

What good is a marketing plan if you have nothing new to sell? And what good is the innovative super widget if no one knows it exists?

A key takeaway: “The Growth Factor, answers the question: ‘What can I do today to provide my clients with a greater advantage or benefit, to get them closer to the ultimate result they desire?’”

The biggest hurdles that need to be overcome are enthusiasm and complacency. These are business killers.

The enthusiasm of the innovation team sets practical (revenue-producing) work aside to concentrate on a hairbrained but brilliant idea. The enthusiasm of the marketing team sells and promises a new solution without any consultation of its feasibility.

And the complacency of the marketing team has them selling the same (safe) ideas to client after client, with every request for something new being pushed aside for the sake of business as usual. The complacency of the innovation team has them concentrating on incremental improvements to existing solutions rather than pushing the envelope.

Successful companies find a middle ground between the two extremes.

“The marketing team is on the front lines of what’s working, what’s not and what’s needed, while the innovation team is on the inside providing ideas and possible solutions.”

Check out the article here.

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